TMWA’s Water Resource Plan 2016-2035 “open house” meetings

Take a moment to comment on the TMWA Water Resource Plan covering the period from 2016-2035.  The plan outlines water resources and uses for the TMWA service area for the next 20 years.TMWA Public Workshops on Water Resource Plan

Some areas of the plan are particularly weak or dismissive of important issues. One of the glaring oversights in the plan ignores the impact of warming temperatures on the region which affects not only runoff and potentially precipitation, but the length of the irrigation season for the entire service area.  Another problem with the plan is it ignores managing demand for water by encouraging reduced outdoor irrigation and using water saving appliances.  Also, it doesn’t propose increasing the water rates for high water usage tiers nor does it propose increasing the number of tiers for very large water users. There are other issues with the plan so stay tuned and check back with us for more information.  It is important that citizens attend one of these meetings scheduled next week and the 9th of December.

Click here to download the draft plan.

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My concern for the Truckee River grew over the years. It started with picking up trash and supporting better water quality. I helped create the "living river"plan with other citizens on the Community Flood Coalition; a plan to reduce flood impacts to infrastructure through river restoration and protection of the floodplain. I understand how critical the Truckee River is to the environment – and economy – of our entire region. I'm hoping that through these pages we can all understand our connection to the Truckee River and why we need to protect it.