Working for the river for over 2 decades

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The Truckee River Yacht Club plays and works to protect the Truckee River. We are true to our name as we have taken to the river (in yachts that look a lot like rafts) to show public officials, conservationists, recreationists, and others how important the river is to each of us who live near it — in Nevada and California.

At the historic McCarran Ranch on the Truckee River restoration the Nature Conservancy has substantially restored the Truckee River after disastrous “flood control” efforts in the 1960’s by the Army Corps of Engineers.

The “Yacht Club” sponsors cleanups in parks throughout Reno and Sparks and has worked on developing programs to keep our parks clean and enjoyable.  We were a part of “Champions of the River” to revitalize the river corridor with cleanups, and the creation of a park next to the Reno Gazette-Journal Building on Kuenzli Street — the John Champion Park.   Early on we spearheaded the stencil program on the storm drains throughout the urban area in Reno and Sparks. The message “Drains to River” (with a fish logo) reminds residents that the river ultimately receives the discharges from our streets from rain and snow. Our goal is to stop all of us from casually dumping harmful material such as oil, paint, fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides, and other toxic stuff. Once it gets in the river, it can injure or kill aquatic animals and plants; and it is our drinking water!  Keeping oil and chemicals out of the drains keeps them out of the river, too!

Purpose and goals

The Truckee River Yacht Club is a non-profit, tax-exempt, volunteer community-based advocacy group working and playing for a thriving, dynamic river system.
  • Promote conservation of water resources and enhance ecological values of the river system.
  • Facilitate increased communication, information sharing, and education about river issues.
  • Champion and actively participate in policy making and planning processes.
  • Foster a sense of stewardship in the community for the well-being of the river.
  • Work towards increasing the amount and quality of public access to the river, and support a trail from Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake on the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation.
  • Advocate for putting “community amenities” back into the flood project for the Truckee Meadows.
  • Develop and expand club leadership on the Truckee River  
Truckee River Yacht Club, P.O Box 8409, Reno, NV 89507
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