The Truckee River as Art

Grab your coat, run out the door, and get to the Nevada Museum of Art right away.

The Truckee River is one of the landscapes featured in the captivating art of Phillis Shafer.  She reminds us of nature’s – indeed the river’s – beauty in this exhibition “I only went out for a walk …”.

Phillis Shaffer, Truckee Cradle (2007) Oil on Canvas

Phillis Shaffer, Truckee Cradle (2007) Oil on Canvas

“Tahoe-based painter Phyllis Shafer is one of this region’s most beloved artists, whose work explores the nuances and individual features of the landscape of the Lake Tahoe Basin and its environs …”

She says on her website, “My method is to paint directly from the natural environment. …”  She has some thumbnails of her work on her website.

See her paintings live through May 11, 2014.

It is more than worth the trip to the Museum.

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About Dennis Ghiglieri

My concern for the Truckee River grew over the years. It started with picking up trash and supporting better water quality. I helped create the "living river"plan with other citizens on the Community Flood Coalition; a plan to reduce flood impacts to infrastructure through river restoration and protection of the floodplain. I understand how critical the Truckee River is to the environment – and economy – of our entire region. I'm hoping that through these pages we can all understand our connection to the Truckee River and why we need to protect it.

2 thoughts on “The Truckee River as Art

  1. Rose

    A beautiful exhibit! The artist has a enchanting way of showing the life of trees, plants, water, and, especially the sky and clouds. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Patti Bakker

    Another great way of showcasing the beauty of the Truckee! Kudos to the artist and the museum for creating and displaying this work – heightening the awareness of important landscapes within additional audiences, helping to increase that sense of stewardship in the community, is a good thing.

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