Potential flooding returns to the Truckee

Rain returned to the eastern Sierra and western Nevada this afternoon bringing the possibility of minor to moderate flood stage again on the Truckee River.  Mid-afternoon, the Truckee was running at 7,000 CFS through downtown Reno, but the flow is currently increasing as rain continues and melts low-elevation snow. Temperatures will be falling over the next 24 hours bringing more snow and an end to the rain. Currently, the National Weather Service has the following forecast for the Truckee River.

Flooding on the Truckee River as of early evening Feb. 9.

Truckee River at Wingfield Park Feb 9, 2017

Meanwhile the spillway at Oroville Dam has been severely damaged by high water flows over the spillway and a dam in northeastern Nevada has collapsed flooding the unincorporated town of Montello, NV.

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My concern for the Truckee River grew over the years. It started with picking up trash and supporting better water quality. I helped create the "living river"plan with other citizens on the Community Flood Coalition; a plan to reduce flood impacts to infrastructure through river restoration and protection of the floodplain. I understand how critical the Truckee River is to the environment – and economy – of our entire region. I'm hoping that through these pages we can all understand our connection to the Truckee River and why we need to protect it.