Winter storm forecast for late Friday into weekend

A warm October ended with balmy days and a calm evening for the trick-or-treaters on our street. The summer-like weather that dominated October here in Reno and western Nevada may be coming to an end this Friday.

Forecast for the 5 day period beginning Nov 1, 2017. Click for full size.

Forecast for the 5 day period beginning Nov 1, 2017. Click for full size.

The National Weather Service is forecasting a storm moving into the region late Friday continuing into the weekend. The forecast calls for 50 mph winds and precipitation in the valleys east of the mountains, but for only small amounts of rain with a possibility for snow toward the end of the storm. The Sierra and Carson Range, however, may do better with moderate rain and snow called for late Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Mid-October saw a cold front that brought around a quarter inch of precipitation at my house in northwest Reno. Most of the snow that fell in the mountains has melted. Travelers across the middle of Nevada report there is no visible snow on the mountains.

The National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center says that this is a “la niña” year and the long range forecast – November through January – calls for California and Nevada to have an “equal chance” for a wetter or dryer than average early winter season. We can always hope that it is the former not the latter.

Not surprisingly, the NWSCPC is calling for a warmer than average early winter in California and Nevada – in fact, most of the US outside of Alaska and Hawaii. Click on the maps below to see them full sized or visit the link above and check out all the forecasts.


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