TMWA Plan Ignores Climate Change (“One View” in RGJ)

The Truckee River in September 2014 below the Glendale TMWA Treatment Plant is mostly dry.

As we’ve pointed out in previous posts, the Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA) Plan looks backward not forward by ignoring climate change. Ron Foster wrote a “One View” column in the Reno-Gazette Journal today pointing out the very same thing. He writes:

 “… Inclusion of information on climate change is omitted. TMWA states that “Changes in management of any restriction to implementation of water resources due to climate change are not warranted at this time.” Since the plan doesn’t really address climate change, how can we conclude that changes aren’t warranted? … “

Indeed. It does not serve the public interest or the long-term health of the Truckee River to ignore the temperature increases that will affect both water supply and water demand over the next twenty years. What is the purpose of a 20 year Plan if not to plan for scenarios that are very likely to occur – like warming temperatures and changes in the amount and timing of runoff, for example?  Mr. Foster concludes his column this way:

“… The effects of climate change are already being felt in our region; over the next twenty years they will likely worsen. The TMWA plan should recognize this potential and recommend changes in public policy to meet it.”

We agree. You can read Mr. Foster’s “One View” column here.

The Truckee River supports fish and wildlife as it makes its way through the mountains and desert to Pyramid Lake.

The Truckee River supports fish and wildlife as it makes its way through the mountains and desert to Pyramid Lake.


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