Truckee River’s Brodhead Park proposed for housing

Fenced in walkway along river near Broadhead Park

The Reno City Council has up for discussion and adoption a proposal by a developer to abandon 10,650 square feet on and adjacent to Brodhead Park in downtown Reno. The agenda item reads:

Council to discuss development options for Brodhead Park property (J.3)
J.3.1 – There will be a presentation, discussion, and potential direction to staff for the authorization to transfer 10,650 square feet of an undeveloped portion of City-owned property identified as Brodhead Park, located at 14 Park Street, to the adjacent property owner, Hokulia Holdings, LLC.
J.3.2 – Council will consider adoption of a Resolution determining that it is in the best interest of the City to convey a vacant and undevelopable portion of Brodhead Park to Hokulia Holdings, LLC, under a development agreement for a multifamily housing development that would increase housing in downtown Reno and enhance Brodhead Park.
Please contact your council member at the City of Reno website or you can comment on the agenda item here and express that you would want the City Council to keep open space along the Truckee River and its Trail and bike path.
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    Update: The agenda item has been cancelled for today’s meeting. The issue has been referred to the Reno Parks Commission at an unspecified date. – Dennis

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