Tributaries make up most of the flow of the Truckee River

Lake Tahoe rose to about a foot above its rim during the spring, but has now dropped below its rim elevation of 6,223 feet.  Flow from Lake Tahoe to the Truckee River is now effectively zero, but was also minimal through much of August as well. Most of the water in the Truckee River is now coming from Continue Reading »

New Virginia Street Bridge over the Truckee River opens

  At meetings well over a decade ago, the Community Flood Coalition’s Flood Management Working Group conceived the idea to replace the old Virginia Street Bridge over the Truckee River with a new clear span Bridge.  The Flood Coalition was acknowledging that the then existing double arch bridge with its center support obstructed river flow during flooding events Continue Reading »

Drought-busting El Niño for western Nevada? Not so much.

California news outlets report that the April 1, 2016 snow surveys show that the snowpack is running slightly above to slightly below average in the northern and central Sierra Nevada and decreasing to around 75% as you move southward along the range. Southern California and southern Nevada and Arizona have below average snowpacks reported by the California Resource Agency and the Continue Reading »

Snowpack survey due April 1 – Reno & Carson Range get late March snow

Soon the NRCS (US Natural Resource Conservation Service) will do the April 1 snow survey.  That survey – generally the last one for the 2015-16 season will undoubtedly be much improved over the last one for the 2014-2015 winter season. However, is it a drought busting winter? Not too likely at this point.  Will it be Continue Reading »

Spring arrives after a so-so winter for western Nevada

In western Nevada and the Sierra to the east of the crest, It did snow; it did rain; there were some cold nights; the snowpack was above average; the snowpack was below average; now with spring here and March two-thirds history, how the snowpack will finish is “up-in-the-air”. The Truckee River is flowing much more than last year Continue Reading »

TROA is good for urban Washoe County; problems remain to keep Truckee River system healthy

The TROA (Truckee River Operating Agreement) took 27 years to be finished and lawsuits against the Agreement (actually completed in 2008) settled or withdrawn. Now that the celebrations are done and TROA is implemented, what are the benefits to the over all health of the Truckee River? Water purchases for water quality to increase water in the Truckee River below Continue Reading »