Truckee River Flood Crest Reached in Truckee Meadows

Truckee River along the “crooked mile” west of Idlewild Park in Reno.

Flood waters in the Truckee River appear to have crested in downtown Reno earlier this morning (1-9-2017). The Vista Gauge¹ in east Truckee Meadows shows the river just reached its crest and is falling. Flood waters are continuing to rise, however, further downstream at Wadsworth and Nixon, right at Pyramid Lake.

The flood water crest is gradually moving downstream as the rain in the mountains lessens and temperatures drop. The three graphs show the Reno, Vista and Nixon Gauges. Nixon is more than 40 miles downstream of Vista.

Flood crest is past in downtown Reno. (click for full size)

Truckee River flood crest reached with decline beginning early morning of 1-9-2017. (click for full size)

Truckee River is still rising at Nixon on the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation early on 1-9-2017. (click for full size)

The storm did not appear to be quite as strong as forecast and the flood peaks in downtown Reno and Vista were slightly lower than forecast, but still the first significant flooding event in the Truckee Meadows since 2005.

¹[The Reno Gauge is located just downstream of the Sutro Street Bridge; the Vista Gauge is located at the Reno-Sparks Waste Water Treatment Plant. All Truckee River gauges are operated by the US Geological Survey and run continuously reporting river flow.]

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